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A Space for Style

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A Space for Style

Let's be real: You're successful. You're busy. You can knock out a 10-page to do list by your second cup of coffee(ish). And yet... you find yourself stressed, thinking:

- What should I wear today (erm... everyday)?
- What is the best greige paint color for my kitchen?
- How do I pack ONE suitcase (gasp!) for my trip to Europe?
- How can I make my weekly blowout last??

Good news: I got you. ;) A Space for Style is a collective resource for all things style. It's a space to get inspired, to have fun, to learn, to build confidence, and -arguably the most important thing- to laugh!

life is hard.

being stylish doesn't need to be.

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i'm Sarah

Style has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I was the little girl camped out in her room -armed with a highlighter and post-its- on the days my mom's style magazines showed up in the mail. (Also rocking mom's heels and red lipstick, naturally). It's only gotten worse better since then! Fashion, home design, travel, and beauty… they all carry our personal style 'stamp' and I love to help people create theirs.

Needing a place to share my passion led me to create A Space for Style, which is exactly that! My mission is to serve as a source of inspiration, education, community, and service for women who want to live their most stylish lives.

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If you want style, comfort, efficiency, and decisiveness with a plan, Sarah is your guru. She is a great listener and is consultative in her approach while helping others see a vision outside of their “box”. I did not know how to blend comfort and organization with style. I felt... -- Read More --

A Space for Style

- Sarah B,  WA

Having three pregnancies/c-sections in just over three years left me boarding the hot mess express on the daily. My body and lifestyle had changed so much, I had no idea where to start, so I just essentially gave up. (Sad, I know, but easy.)  I felt hopeless and completely unattractive.... -- Read More --

A Space for Style

- Holly H,  TN

I love shopping and coordinating for family pictures but always feel like I am missing the “WOW” piece of the puzzle.  Sarah helped by giving me some additional accessory ideas that made the outfits feel complete.  After working so hard on my own on the colors and clothing actually fitting... -- Read More --

A Space for Style

- Elizabeth D,  VA

Working with Sarah Chaney of A Space for Style was one of the best investments I made in myself! So often I find myself staying within veritable boundaries for my appearance because that’s what I feel comfortable with, and I just don’t have the time for creative “space” to improve... -- Read More --

A Space for Style

- Amy C,  VA

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